Alcohol Home Detox
Rehab prices

Rehab prices

Alcohol home detox Rehab prices
Alcohol home detox Rehab prices

Our home detox for alcohol is set at one price of £1,295

And that is all you pay where ever you live in the UK. Below is our residential rehab prices.

Below is our residential prices.

Cetox – Alcohol Home Detox. Rehab prices. We also offer residential rehab centres for clients not wishing for an alcohol home detox. These are at our own rehab centres. These all include a medical detox and full rehab programmes.

  • 10 days residential rehabilitation including a tailored medical detox = £2,995
  • 2 weeks residential rehabilitation including a tailored medical detox = £3,800 
  • 4 weeks residential rehabilitation including a tailored medical detox = £6,995 
  • 8 weeks residential rehabilitation including a tailored medical detox = £9,750
  • 12 weeks residential rehabilitation including a tailored medical detox£11,995 

We offer the most inexpensive detox and rehab programmes in the UK. Call our team now on call 07811 606 606. Our programmes are highly successful, very comfortable and safe. Yo are welcome to visit any of our residential rehab centres. If you have a loved one who is not sure about coming in to rehab. Get them to speak to us. We deal with this all day, everyday. Invariably it is usually something very minor stopping a client from coming in. Normally fear of the unknown.

Rehab Prices – All budgets

We do have different programmes to cover all budgets. Our main aim to to get rid of your addiction. Price is secondary. Do talk to us if you need help with funding etc. It is not worth losing a life over. Rehab prices use to be very expensive, and mainly for the rich and famous. But as addiction has got so much worse over the years it is now affordable for everyone. Call us now for some help and advice.