CETOX - Alcohol Home Detox

Cetox Alcohol Home Detox

Alcohol Home Detox by Cetox – Just £1295

Same Day Service Available!

Cetox Healthcare is an ADUS Healthcare Company EST: 2009

We offer the most supported alcohol home detox program available anywhere in the UK. It is Totally Confidential, and nothing will appear on your medical record. “And at £1295, that includes everything”. Welcome to Cetox Healthcare. The UK’s leading Alcohol Home Detox programs. We believe that everyone should be able to afford an Alcohol Home Detox, so we have now made it possible. That is why we can keep our prices low because we employ all our own nurses. We also believe you will NOT find a more affordable and comprehensive alcohol home detox anywhere else in the UK, and that is why we are market leaders in this field. Just look at what we offer:

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There is NOT another home detox company offering this level of care and support In the whole of the UK. Call: 07811 606 606

Included in our home detox programs:

  • The most affordable supported home detox available
  • Minimum of 4 phone calls a day from our detox nurses
  • 24 hour helpline to our detox nurses
  • Telephone assessment
  • Home visit
  • No need to contact your doctor
  • We administer ALL your medication
  • Your detox can start within 24 hours of you contacting us
  • Massive support during your detox
  • Available anywhere in the UK

We also offer a “live in” nurse service. Call our team for more details on our live in nurse service.

If you would like a home detox for alcohol, this is what to do next

Call our team on tel: 0845 3881 543

We will then get one of our detox nurses to call you at home.

Your assigned detox nurse will take a telephone assessment.

your assigned nurse will then arrange a home visit at a time which is suitable for you. (Anywhere in the UK)

On visiting you, your detox nurse will then subscribe your medication.

Your detox nurse will change your medication, if you suffer any side effects. (This is very rare)

We have detox nurses is available 24 hours a day during your detox program, to give you complete piece of mind.

Residential Detox and Rehab Centres also available  

We work in conjunction with ADUS Healthcare and Pierpoint Addiction Services, and also offer The most affordable Residential detox and rehab programs for alcohol addiction throughout the UK, so if you or a loved one are looking for any help and advice in these matters, please call our team now on Tel: 0845 3881 543

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You may be happy to know

You may be pleased to know that all our team have been where you are now. They understand your addiction, and have all lived through it. We recognise how had it is to take that first step of picking up the phone, and we also understand, you may not think you have a problem. Did you know we can help you or a loved one, and can help your family to understand where you may be with your addiction. We are totally none judgemental, and all our call are treated in the strictest of confidence. We never share you details with a third party, and we never record our calls.

Drug Testing Kits, go to www.DrugTestingKits.co.uk (A Cetox Medical Company)

Alcohol home detox. UK's leading home detox company.